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You deserve only the best when it comes to building a new home. At Tigafy Builders that’s exactly what you’ll get.

You’ll get the best from every perspective, from the best design to the best materials used in constructing your home, to the best craftsman building your home to the best overall experience and service from start to finish.

Free Home Building Guide

A 71 page guide designed to help you save money and prevent mistakes when building or buying new.

Best Design

The design of your new home will be influenced and put together based on your ideas and input, but the final blueprints and technical details will be executed by our award-winning team of architects, home designers, engineers, interior designers, and project managers. They will be the team responsible for planning, architecting and executing the final plan, which you’ll approve once completed. And ultimately, the outcome of the collaboration between you and this team will be a highly functional home that has exquisite details, distinctive elevations, and professional workmanship from the inside to the outside of the house. And the systems (electrical, plumbing, AC/Heating, etc.) in your home will be state-of-art, energy efficient, and of top quality.

Best Materials

We only procure and utilize materials that are of the best quality, energy smart, look good, and will stand up over time. At no time will we ever compromise the quality of the materials we use to squeeze more profit into our bottom-line – that’s not good for you or for our reputation, which is the key to our successful business now, and will be well into the future.

Best Craftsman

Just like we only use the best designers, we also utilize only the best artisans. You see, when it comes to the actual construction of a new home, the difference between a top-quality crafted home and an average crafted home is in the art of the craftsman putting your home together. From the carpenters to the masons to the painters, and everyone in between, only the best will do. You can rest assured that only the best craftsman in the area will be involved in building your new home.

Best Experience

Our philosophy is that the home building experience is all about You first and foremost. With this approach, we have mutinously created a first-class home building experience second to none you’re sure to enjoy and remember for the rest of your life. You deserve the best experience, and that’s what you’ll get!

It’s all about You!

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